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Updated: Feb 27, 2020

First of all, welcome to the official All From Fern place to shop! We have come a long way since selling MiMi tops on insta in 2017, if you know what I mean, girl!

I have always had a relationship with each and every customer, now having a website I want to keep that going. So I have decided blogging is the best way to answer your questions and give you an insight into being a teenager running a successful fashion company.

So lets get to it. Following a poll I recently posted on instagram, majority of you wanted to know about starting a business... here it goes!

How did it all begin?

So All From Fern has always been a reflection of my personal wardrobe, cultivated by femininity and individuality. If I had a party/event I would go down to the East London markets and grab some eye-catching, flirty fabrics, show my nan an outfit I had seen from a magazine, add my own touches and voila! I would always wear pieces no one could get their hands on which wouldn't go unnoticed by friends, family and even strangers. This is the moment I knew I could make a business from my philosophy of fashion.

So, how would I, at the age of 16, be able to produce professional garments? Well, I gained a diploma in art and fashion design ( design was already second nature to me ). The challenge was putting the image in mind onto a hanger. As luck would have it, I had someone better than any teacher...

My Nan, I owe All From Fern to her, she has taught me the ins and outs of machining, pattern cutting and grading and with her help me have created a factory out of a bedroom and are a well oiled machine!

Where do I get inspiration from?

I am inspired by young women like myself, they are my muse. When designing the recent Spring/Summer collection I thought to myself, what do I want to be seen wearing this summer in Marbella, Ibiza etc?... Each and every item is something I want to be spotted in this year, which makes my products honest and relatable to my audience.

I like to go back to my roots and flick through Vogue Magazines and try to transform my top picks to be more wearable for my customers and adding my signature flare. Also, I can't consume enough fashion shows on YouTube. In my opinion, the creme de la creme of the industry is Alexandre Vauthier - as you may have realised from my over indulgent frills and fancies! ( Go check out his SS20 hun, if you are looking for some inspo ).

Keep updated on the blog ( or sign up to my newsletter on the home page ) for updated trends and my recommendations for designers to follow to keep your style relevant throughout the changing seasons.

Ferns Top Tips for Starting A Business.

- Social Media is Key! Show off your products, take stand out/good quality pictures and SOCIALISE! Talk to like-minded people, compliment others work and one of their customers may become one of yours too!

- Do something different, make your brand interesting. Listen to your customers, ask them what they would like to see... after all they are ' the business ', their opinions are essential and promotes popularity.

- Just go for it, babe! You won't completely understand how to run a business until you are the boss, its a learn on the job role. So create that website or social media page , start posting and remember mistakes and lessons in this business.

- The Secret: Always, always always show gratitude. Each night I am thankful for my achievements , its all about The Law Of Attraction! And don't forget to manifest, remember " You create everything that happens to you".

If you want to read the ultimate book for success heres the link:

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