When everything changes, change everything!

At this uncertain time, I feel its necessary to chat about how to cope as a independent business during the coronavirus crisis. This can be worrying for us businesses offering services or products, with many of us having this as our only source of income. So, I will be going through how to handle anxiety, how to effectively work from home and stay inspired, as well as how to support your fellow girl gang!

Mental Health is really important, especially when we are waiting for answers and feel as if we are going into the unknown! As a clothing brand I have been waiting for summer all winter long! Designing, making and capturing the spring/summer collection, this crisis could drastically affect what we have been working on for the past 6 months. Leading to a lot of anxiety for myself, so I would like to share tips to deal with those worries.

The number one rule: Keeping inspired, don't allow the quiet period at the moment to deflate your morale. If fashion is your thing, watch fashion shows on youtube (Versace SS20 and D&G SS20 are mind-blowing!) Or if you are into makeup, watch tutorials/learn a new technique, try a new eye look! And, just because you haven't got orders/clients doesn't mean you should stop working! The way I am looking at this, is I will have no distractions from making new designs, refining my website and creating lots of stock so that when we come out the other side items are flying off the rails and my business has had a revamp! Use this self-isolation time to give your business some therapy!

We are not alone! On my instagram page (@allfromfern) we have created a network of female ran independent businesses, which made me realise how many of us there are and how many of us may be affected during this time, from bakers to hair stylists. But there is strength in numbers girl! We need to help each other and show our support - share their posts, keep shopping online, take meetings over the phone or online and choose to order from the businesses who will feel the crisis financially the most! Most importantly, check on each other, ask how your fellow entrepreneur is coping and inspire one another!

Take a break from the over consuming social media during this time and read something motivating which is not necessarily work-related. I will be writing more frequent blogs (not business related), so if you are interested you can take a 3 minute read to get your mind off negative media and become enlightened!

In the meantime here are a few must-have watches for those indoors:

-Project Runway (watch on HayU - they offer a 30 day free trial)

-True Hollywood Story, Kim Kardashian (watch on HayU)

-When They See Us (Netflix)

-Eat,Pray,Love (on demand)

-Download the Tik Tok app, to have a giggle! ps. follow us!

Please everyone stay healthy, look out for one another, reconnect with family and meditate!

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